Sharon Abreu and Michael Hurwicz, co-leaders of Choirherence, have been leading multi-part songs like We Are the Ones (Ysaye Barnwell) and The Ocean Refuses No Rivers (Ubaka Hill) as audience-participation pieces in their performances for the past 18 years.

They got more deeply into the Ubuntu choir approach to group singing through working with Laurence Cole, Gretchen Sleicher, Daniel Nelson, Pushkara Sally Ashford, and Mila Redwood.

The other aspect of Choirherence — coherence and connection — comes from HeartMath and Nonviolent Communication practices that Sharon and Michael learned while getting trained in the “The Connection Practice” through Rasur Foundation International. They are both certified Connection Practice trainers.

They are also lifelong musicians and have each been performing professionally for 30 years or more. Here are some of their music-related sites:

Sharon also created “The Climate Monologues”, a one-woman musical show about climate change, in which she portrays real people in the U.S. and around the world affected by climate change and energy, and people working to solve the climate crisis. These true stories and original songs serve to help all of us see ourselves as part of the solution. Sharon performed “The Climate Monologues” at the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival in March, 2016, and will be performing it again at the United Solo Theatre Festival on Theater Row in New York City in September, 2016.

Sharon also teaches voice and violin to private students and sings with and coaches the Orcas Island Choral Society.

Michael sings and plays bass with the Parking Angels, a doowop-gospel-folk-blues quartet on Orcas Island. He was active in creating, running and performing at the Afterglow coffeehouse (later The Night Heron) on Orcas Island. He managed and performed at the Stone House coffeehouse in Brooklyn, NY. He is the former owner and singing-duck-in-chief of Quackygrams singing telegram company in Minneapolis, MN.

In 1999, Sharon and Michael co-wrote “Turn the World Upside Down,” an interactive musical show based on Hudson River Sloop Clearwater’s “Classroom of the Waves,” teaching kids about recycling and keeping the water clean. They performed the show at the New York Aquarium with Emmy winner Bill Nye The Science Guy, on Manhattan and Brooklyn cable television, and in the New York City Public Schools through the Brooklyn Arts Council, satisfying New York State academic standards for science.

In 2002, they founded the 501(c)(3) Irthlingz Arts-Based Environmental Education, of which Sharon is the Executive Director and Michael the President.

Sharon and Michael performed at the World Summit for Sustainable Development in South Africa in 2002, where they also led the Trade Union delegation in singing every morning for the two weeks of the conference. Also in 2002, their original climate change musical show “The Great Climate Caper” was premiered by middle school students in their home town of Eastsound, Washington. In 2006, students from the High School for Environmental Studies in New York performed songs from their climate change musical revue “Penguins on Thin Ice” at the U.N. for the UN-CSD (Commission on Sustainable Development). In 2007, the students performed the complete 35-minute show for the UN-CSD in the U.N.’s Dag Hammarskjold Library Auditorium, receiving a standing ovation from delegates from around the world, who expressed the desire for more artistic and heart-centered communication at the U.N.